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child education

A number of initiatives are on the process for the economically and socially deprived part of the society in order to bring the light of education into their lives. Our intention is to use our manpower and funding for wholesome educational development.

Healthy Food

Sequel welfare is an initiative that has been feeding the poor and unemployed who are struggling to feed themselves during the lockdown. We managed to distributed over 17 lakh meals to the needy since the first lockdown hit through cooked meals and ration kits.

Medical Care

Our organisation stands strong with our efforts to address different healthcare issues, such as complication of sanitisation and water supply. The gap in healthcare facilities between the rural and urban areas is properly considered.


Be the Change

We at Sequel Welfare Foundation take pride to introduce ourselves as an NGO with an aim to combat Poverty, Malnutrition, and Unemployment in the under privilege strata of the society by Helping, Empowering, and Uplifting them to get equipped with the Right to education to have access to school & Higher school, Right to food to meet individual’s dietary needs, Right to work to make a living, Right to good health & medical services to live a healthy life, last but not the least Right to proper hygiene & sanitation.


We are happy to have managed in touching the lives of thousands especially children with our recent campaigns in the areas of nutrition, healthcare, personal hygiene, and education which we are going to continue to strive to raise our bars in extending & expanding our services with our utmost determination and commitment to serve many.


Our mission is to make a substantial difference in the lives of at least 100000 kids as well as adults by working on imparting literacy through setting up education systems, skill development, medical care facilities, and setting up shelters for the homeless.

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Be it nutrition, healthcare, protection, education, and response in the time of emergencies, Save the Children has been on the forefront, reshaping the lives of millions of children.

Child Education
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Mediacal Care