Animal Rescue:

We believe in this old saying "to rescue life is to give a new life" that's why are devoted to extricating the lives of abandoned, left out, stray animals with the help of medical aids & suitable place to stay.

Animal Shelter:

Our unwavering love for animals especially stray cats & dogs keeps us pushing to build & provide safe shelters for these homeless animals which is a birth right of every living creature on this planet.

Animal Adoption:

Our fundamental motive to safeguard stray, nameless & homeless animals is to give them a family they can belong to through our adoption schemes.


As a part of keeping these animals safe from common infections & infectious diseases, we take the onus to get them timely vaccinated.

Animal Protection Drive:

With our animal protection drive, we want to spread kindness & compassion in the air for all the felines & canines waiting eagerly to be adopted & wanting to belong to a safe, secure & loving home.