Safe Drinking water:

To curb the rate of infectious diseases in the low-lying areas and the underprivileged families we are working towards inculcating the right measures to supply safe, clean & unpolluted water for drinking.

Sanitized Hygienic Toilets:

To shrink the onset of infectious diarrhea & other contagious diseases that have a deadly effect due to pooping in the open environment we are working on advancing to raise the number of hygienic & well-sanitized toilets to save lives.

Girl's & Women's safety:

We are highly devoted & staunch believers of scraping off the old cliche that says "Akeli Ladki ek khuli Tijori ke tarah hoti hai" Translation: "A single/alone girl is like an open treasure box for fun" that's why we educate & carryout awareness sessions for girls & women's to get empowered to discover their stronger selves.

Cleanliness & Hygiene practices:

As for cleanliness torchbearers, we are aiming & stepping towards conducting short sessions every single day to teach the importance of cleanliness which is next to godliness & basic daily hygienic practices to be imbibed by every family member right from a child to an adult. .